All our Coaches are trained and qualified by England Boxing, the governing body of Olympic Boxing in this country.

All our Coaches are DBS / CRB checked - Our club has the Sport England Club Mark Registration.

The Main Event Boxing Gym, 7 Heron Avenue, Shotgate, Essex SS11 8DL - The Home of the Billericay and Wickford Boxing Club, affiliated to England Boxing.

The Main Event Gym is a totally non profit making gym, with all proceeds going to the Billericay and Wickford Boxing Club.

SUBSCRIPTIONS at new gym £10 annual membership per person ( due by 2nd visit to gym) and £5 pay as you train per all sessions.

Competition Boxers - £30 per month ( in advance ) No Exceptions

Please contact us in advance to discuss training with the comp group - Please contact us regarding going on the waiting list.

5-8 Year old group is now FULL - Please contact us regarding going on the waiting list.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

COMPETITION BOXERS UPDATE - Until the end of June 2015.

Billericay and Wickford Boxing Club - Training update.

From now until the end of June -

 Tuesdays / Thursdays -

 Juniors ( 6pm - 7.30pm ) No Change.

 Juniors / Youths ( 6.30 - 8.30pm )

 Seniors ( 7.30 - 9.30pm )

 SUNDAYS 10am - 12noon.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

EASTER Training at The Main Event Boxing Gym.

10.30am - 12noon - Bring your running shoes.

MONDAY 6'th APRIL 2015 - CLOSED.   
No Kids Academy,  No Womens Class,  No Circuit Class.

MONDAY 6'th APRIL 2015 - Schoolboy Championships
The Schoolboy Championship entries are to still meet at the gym for 7pm..!      

Monday, 30 March 2015

Competition Boxers Update......

MONTHLY Subs are due this THURSDAY ( Thurs 2nd April ).
£30 per month - For anyone training in the Competition Groups.

This applies to everyone, please do not turn up at the gym and expect to pay as you go, it is unfair on the volunteers that sit at the reception.

This is a club rule and applies to all.

We want committed boxers only, so pay the monthly fee and then it is your responsibility to get your money's worth and get to the gym MIN 3 times a week.

Competiton boxers can also train on a Monday and Wednesday from 8pm - 9pm in this package and I am sure some of the coaches will be willing to stay later if needed for extra 1-2-1 time.

The CLUB is run by volunteers and most have donated a lot of time and their own money to make this gym what it is.

Anyone turning up and expecting to train without paying the full months subscriptions up front will be turned away.

No Exceptions

Saturday, 28 March 2015

GYM IS OPEN SUNDAY 29th - Put your clocks forward

The gym is OPEN tomorrow - SUNDAY 29th March - No excuses - Be there..!

Boxing Show 28th March

The club had a very small show tonight at the gym.

The intention was to try out a few of the newbies and get a few of the competition boxers out too.

Well done to all the boys that came in on weight.

Thanks to the helpers, supporters and Essex ABA.

The gym is OPEN tomorrow ( Sunday 29th ). 

Make sure you put your clocks forward tonight..!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Billericay and Wickford Boxing Club - The Home of Champions.

This weekend The Billericay and Wickford Boxing Club made more history..!
Rio Emmins went to Sheffield, Yorkshire to compete in the finals stages of the National Junior Cadet Championships.   Rio had already won the Essex County Title, before winning the Eastern Counties Regional Title, then Pre Quarter and Quarter Finals.
Rio met the ranked number 3 in the Semi Finals at Sheffield, before winning on another unanimous ( 5 judge ) win, then getting 24 hours rest before competing in the prestigious National Final on the Sunday.
Rio stepped up another gear and beat the number 2 boxer in the country again on a full 5 judge Unanimous decision, to become the NEW English National Cadet U48kg Champion..!
Rio, has proven to everyone, just what you can achieve with hard work and dedication. 
Rio is one of the most improved boxers in the gym over the last 2 seasons since joining our club.
On the way home from a very long and tiring weekend at Sheffield, Rio was talking about getting up on time to go to school and then getting down the gym to help train the kids at the gym. 
Rio each day, checked his kit bag and insured he had everything needed, including kit for the coaches too..!    Preparation,  Hard Work and commitment - Billericay & Wickford Boxers that are training for the up and coming schoolboy championships - Take Note..!
Well done CHAMP..!
England's Number 1 - Rio Emmins
Back home in Essex on Saturday night, Ollie Willshire made NATIONAL Boxing History, being the first boxer to compete in England with Type 1 Diabetes. 
Coaches Dean and Brad, said Ollie boxed brilliantly and is an inspiration to everyone in the sport..!

England Boxing History Maker - Ollie Willsher
Jim, Terry and Les travelled to Strood, Kent on Friday night, before they made the journey to Yorkshire, to corner another 2 newbies for the club.
Junior Finley James competed in his first bout, boxing fantastic before picking up a unanimous points win. Well done Finley.
Later on our first ever heavyweight stepped into the ring in a Billericay and Wickford Vest. Sean didn't hang about with a KO win in under 20 seconds.
Also, back in Essex on Saturday, Frankie Wood competed in his 2nd bout and put in another top performance gaining more fans with his great technique and style.
Jack Mc, was also in action in Essex, putting in another skilful display.
Up in Norfolk, Luke Hasson was out on another show with the "Kippa". 
A busy weekend for the club boxers and coaches and parents too, well done everyone.
The Schoolboy Championships start soon - We will confirm entries on Tuesday at the gym and will expect ALL entries to be at the gym, Mondays and Wednesdays from 7pm-9pm.
As well as normal training days, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.   Extra sparring starts tomorrow for some that have already been asked.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Billericay and Wickford Boxing Club's new club Competition Secretary Kev Everard, starts his role today. This position is one of the most time consuming voluntary roles within an amateur boxing club, so please give Kev your support.

Kev is at the gym most nights or can also be contacted on 07742 053251 or by email    

Massive thanks to Terry Emmins who has helped out throughout this season and has done a fantastic job.

Terry Emmins, Mike Ward and Les Cooke are on hand to help Kev out until he finds his feet and also help take away some of the stress when matching up a home show.

At present, we are hoping to have a small home show in our gym on the 28th March, then we will be having a few big away trips followed by our Dinner show on 30th May.


Training hours are changing as from Tuesday 17'th March as follows...
Tuesdays and Thursdays -
JUNIORS Under 45kgs - 6pm - 7.30pm
JUNIORS/YOUTHS - 7pm - 8.30pm
SENIORS - 8pm - 9.30pm
Please come along to the session that you think you best fit into, we can assess this as we go and may / maynot move you to another group after a short trial,  to insure that you all get the best from sparring at you competition weight / age groups.
Sundays - 10.30am - 12noon as per normal all together. We are a progressive boxing club and remain flexible to try and get the best from every hour and every training session at the gym.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Rio - National Final Stages next weekend
Rio Emmins made it into the last 3,  in the National Cadet Championships today after beating his strong opponent in the Quarter Finals in Surrey.
Rio now goes into a draw on Saturday at Yorkshire and will be hoping to meet a lad that he once boxed when at another club.  Rio has matured as a boxer since joining our club 2 seasons ago and we all relish the challenge to show just how far Rio has progressed as a skilful boxer.
James Eaglesfield was also out boxing this weekend and put in a fantastic performance in a skills bouts at New Astley.  James is progressing well every week at the gym and impressed the coach that went along with him to this bout.
Next week, the club has 10 boxers out n about,  the gym is full of talent at present and are gaining more members every week too.  There is now a waiting list on all groups, beginners and competition boxers.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

COMPETITION BOXERS - Gym Training Update

Training hours are changing as from Tuesday 17'th March as follows...
Tuesdays and Thursdays -
JUNIORS Under 45kgs - 6pm - 7.30pm
JUNIORS/YOUTHS - 7pm - 8.30pm
SENIORS - 8pm - 9.30pm
Sundays - 10.30am - 12noon as per normal all together.  We are a progressive boxing club and remain flexible to try and get the best from every hour and every training session at the gym.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Essex Boys and Girls Club - New Club Co-ordinator / Team Leader

We have a new ( NAGBC ) National Assosiation - Essex Boys & Girls Club Leader - Thanks to Claire Eaglesfield.

Claire will be organising a few activities for the youngsters and will be keeping everyone informed of different events that the Essex BGC run throughout the year.

email - ceaglesfield