All our Coaches are trained and qualified by England Boxing, the governing body of Olympic Boxing in this country.

All our Coaches are DBS / CRB checked - Our club has the Sport England Club Mark Registration.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Billericay & Wickford Boxing Club are looking to relocate the gym hopefully by 1st January 2015, to Heron Avenue,  Shotgate  SS11 8DL.
We will be re assessing all those that train currently on a Monday evening on MONDAY 22nd December 2014 at 6pm.
Once we have assessed everyone,  we will then decide at what group level these academy boxers will be placed into at the new gym.
The assessments on 22nd December will be strict and anyone unable to pass the circuit drill or anyone that is not at the correct skill level, will not be allowed to move up to the next grade. 
Over the next few weeks, we will spend time with individuals and try our best to make sure that everyone gets the best possible chance of progressing, however, boxers MUST train and do their bit at home too.
Once the new gym officially opens, the newbies from the age of 10 - 14 will still train through the Academy before getting graded and getting the chance to move up to the development squad, prior to the competition squad.
In the new gym, the Academy will run on a Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6pm - 7pm.
In the new gym, the Academy will run a Level 1 then Level 2 from 6pm - 7pm. 
The Development squad will run from 7pm - 8pm.
The Junior Squad will run from 7pm - 8.30pm.
The Senior Squad will run from 7pm - 9pm.
There will also be a chance for kids from the age of  5 - 9 to train in the new Kids Fun Box Club which will be non / semi contact sessions on a Monday and Wednesday from 6pm - 7pm
NEW Adult starters will be able to train on a Monday and Wednesday ( times TBA ) and will be assessed weekly before being given the chance to train in the competition groups on a Tuesday / Thursday.
We will also have ALL Female group sessions run by Female coaches on a Monday and Wednesday
We will also have a men's veterans boxing group -  ( days and times TBA )
We will also have one of the hardest circuit training nights for mixed adults on a Monday and Wednesday ( Times TBA ).

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Billericay and Wickford Boxing Club - An Incredible 5 New Regional Champions

In the RED Corner - Luke Hasson - Regional Champion.
Saturday 23'rd November 2014.
B W Boxing Club were out in force last night on the Berry Show in Laindon, with an amazing 7 boxers on the programme, they were a mixture of learning bouts and championship bouts.
A few of the championship boys had already had confirmation of their walkover to the next round and some had to box off against the best in the Eastern Counties ( Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire ).
JOSH  - had his 1'st competitive bout against a very slick lad from Canvey, both lads done themselves proud, before the decision came through on the computer as a draw and the judges were put on the spot for a winner - The Canvey lad caught the judges eye with a split decision.
GEORGE - had a step up in opponents from the Small Holding Club, George knuckled down and put in another tough performance before getting the nod on a unanamous decision.
OLLIE - had another learning bout against a very strong and fluid boxer, Ollie competed well and will take the experience with him over the 3 rounds to the gym.
JACK Mc - showed us all what he is capable of boxing an experienced and tidy lad from the top Attleborough club before getting the win on a unanamous decision.
LUKE - dug in again and showed us what a big improvement this lad is making week in week out. training well and sparring well, a great win for Luke.
HARRY - This lad won bout of the season at last years presentation, he has grown in strength and more importantly skill over the last year, another great performance yesterday after giving his lad 3 counts, won by another TKO
SONNY - Dug in for all 3 rounds against a very tall and strong import in the Novices championship. Couldnt of asked Sonny to do anymore, showed great determination pushing his opponent all the way.


Sunday, 16 November 2014

6 out of 6 - Essex Junior Novice Champions
Harry boxed his Essex final last night against a very strong and determined lad from Chalvedon. Harry stuck to the game plan and boxed really well, before forcing 2 standing 8 counts, in the 3'rd which left the ref to stop the bout with another TKO win for the Billericay Boxer.
It was nice to see both boxers showing great sportsmanship after the bout.
On the Southend show, Rio had a rematch with a a great little Southend boxer that is always strong and fit, Rio showed great skill and maturity boxing very smart before grabbing another win.
Brandon showed everyone what he is capable of , after a very successful campaign in Lithuania recently. Brandon boxed well, before forcing a couple of standing 8 counts. A good win on TKO for Brandon.
Steve Wood had his work cut out against a very strong open class boxer from Southend. The seasider forced the pace and although Steve had a good last round, it was just not enough on the night.
All 4 boxers done themselves and the club proud, well done Team Billericay ...  ( and Wickford )

Friday, 14 November 2014



It is recommended that 11 -16 year olds shall be restricted to 14 contests per season.
· Youth boxers (17 & 18 year olds) shall be restricted to 18 contests per season.
· Elite boxers (18 – 40 year olds) shall be restricted shall be restricted to 18 contests per season.
All the above EXCLUDE championships.
There should be a minimum 12 hour rest period between bouts
· A skills boxer (under 16 years old) may only have 4 contests in total, and then they must box competitively. 
· A skills boxer between 10 & 12 years old must not give more than 1.5 kilos in weight difference
· A skills boxer between 13 & 15 years old must not give more than 2 kilos in weight difference
· No skills boxer can give more than 12 months in age
· A Competitive boxer can also box skills bouts up to the age of 15, but must not have had more than 4 competitive bouts.
· A maximum of 4 skills bouts per club tournament shall be boxed unless it has been advertised as a skills tournament. No other bouts (ie competition bouts) to be allowed on a skills tournament
There are two classes of “Senior” boxer – Development and Elite.
An Elite boxer is any boxer who enters, or has entered, the Elite Championships previously known as the England Boxing (ABAE) Open Senior Championships.
Once a boxer has entered these Championships and participated at any stage of this competition, they can no longer box at a lower level. (Participation means weighing in and entering the draw)
Development boxer may box an Elite boxer, but must box 3 x 3 minute rounds. 
The Development boxer can return to box as a Development boxer having boxed an Elite boxer and box 3 x 2, 4 x 2 or 3 x 3 minute rounds.
Once a Development boxer has entered the England Boxing Elite championships (formerly known as the ABAE Senior Open Championships) and participated at any stage of this competition, then they will be re classified as an Elite Boxer and can only box 3 x 3 minute rounds from that point on.
· Male Senior boxers over 64kg MUST wear 12oz gloves on all club tournaments
· All male Development Boxers and male Elite Boxers will box without headguards
· All other Male & Female boxers MUST wear headguards and use 10oz gloves
It is not mandatory for Female boxers, of any category, to wear either a breast protector or groin protector
· Skills Bouts 3 x 1 minute with 1 minute interval between rounds
· School boy/girl (11 – 14 year olds) Bouts 3 x 1½ minute with 1 minute interval between rounds
· Junior boy/girl (15 – 16 year olds) Bouts 3 x 2 minute and 4 x 2 minute with 1 minute interval between rounds
· Youth boys (17 – 18 year olds) Bouts 3 x 2 minute, 4 x 2 minute, or 3 x 3 minute with 1 minute interval between rounds
· Youth Girls (17 – 18 year olds) Bouts 3 x 2 minute or 4 x 2 with 1 minute interval between rounds
· Development Senior (18 – 40 year olds) Bouts 3 x 2 minute, 4 x 2 minute or 3 x 3 minute with 1 minute interval between rounds
· Elite Men (18 – 40 year olds) Bouts 3 x 3 minute with 1 minute interval between rounds
· Elite Women (18 – 40 year olds) Bouts 4 x 2 minute with 1 minute interval between rounds
No exhibition bouts are permitted at ANY tournament
· All club tournaments must have been issued with a Divisional or Association permit
· All tournaments must have the following qualified officials:- Supervisor, Assistant Supervisor, Referee(s) and Judges, Timekeeper, MC, Medical Officer and a Recorder (no qualification required)
· It is advised that ALL tournaments should be finished by midnight
· It is recommended that a maximum of 10 bouts be held on a dinner show and 16 on an open/junior show
Boxers under the age of 16 shall not be permitted to box at ANY tournament after 22:30hrs
It is recommended that boxers between 16 & 17 years should not box after 23:00hrs
If a boxer receives a KO, TKO or TKOI then AIBA rules shall apply
The AIBA scoring 10 point must system has to be used, if manually, with 3 judges to score, but with the computer with 5 judges operating.
If a boxer wears orthodontist braces, it is the preferred option that they have a letter from the orthodontist confirming that they are allowed to box. If the orthodontist will not provide a letter then a discussion should be held with whoever fitted the brace to see if boxing
· The minimum size shall be 4.27 metres square (14ft sq) inside ropes and to a maximum of 6.10 metres square (20ft sq) inside ropes. There shall be a minimum of 2 metres clearance on all four sides of the ring between the ring and the public.
· The ring should be safely constructed and fit for purpose on all club tournaments
· The ring should be set out as Rule 11 AOB Competition Rules on all club tournaments
· Male officials, except referees, should be attired in blazer or jacket, trousers, shirt with collar and tie.
· Female officials, except referees, should be attired in blazer or jacket, trousers or skirt, blouse or shirt with collar.
· As Rule 22 in AOB Competition Rules with the exception that they may wear club colours on club tournaments
· If the waistband on the shorts is the same colour as the vest and shorts, a red or blue sash should be worn to identify the waistline
· Will be as AIBA rules weights and classification. One rotation of tape may be used to secure the Velcro fastening on the wrist if necessary
· Must not be longer than 4.5 metres (14.76ft) and no shorter than 2.5 metres (8.2ft) and 5.7cm (2¼in) wide.
· Bandages must be made of a stretchy cotton material with Velcro closure or a small piece of tape 7.6cms x 2.5cms (3in x 1in) max and must be AIBA approved
· These are mandatory for ALL male and female boxers. NO RED OR PARTLY RED gum shield shall be worn.
· It is mandatory that all Skills (boys and girls), Schoolboys and Girls, Junior (boys and girls) and Youth (boys and girls) MUST wear headguards.
· Each boxer is allowed 3 seconds in his/her corner
· Rule 16 of AIBA Technical Rules shall apply to club boxing, in particular Rule 16.3.1 which reads
· “Seconds will not be permitted to stand up and/or to encourage or incite spectators by words or signs during the progress of the round. Seconds will not be allowed to touch the ring during the bout, yell, cause a scandal or disturb the competition”
· Coaches may coach their boxer from the corner but must adhere to Rule 16.3.1
· Development and Elite male boxers may apply Cavilon cut prevention cream. This is not mandatory on club boxing, but is advised
· The Supervisor shall have complete charge of the club tournament and their decision is final in all matters. They should also use their common sense with decisions in all aspects of club boxing 


England Boxing - 2015 Championship Schedule
(All Championships to include male & female categories alongside each other)
England Boxing Schools Championships – male & female All 3 x 1.5 minute rounds
maximum of 44 bouts per day with 2 rings Day

Sunday 3 May Association Finals
Sunday 10 May Pre Quarter Finals
Sunday 17 May Quarter Finals
Sunday 24 May Semi Finals
Sunday 31 May Finals 

Class A: boxers born in 2002 29.5Kg, 31Kg, 32.5Kg, 34Kg, 35.5Kg, 37Kg, 38.5Kg, 40Kg, 41.5Kg, 43Kg, 44.5Kg, 46Kg, 48Kg, 50Kg, 52Kg, 54Kg, 56Kg, 59Kg, 62Kg, 65Kg, 68Kg, 72Kg 

Class B: boxers born in 2001 29.5Kg, 31Kg, 32.5Kg, 34Kg, 35.5Kg, 37Kg, 38.5Kg, 40Kg, 41.5Kg, 43Kg, 44.5Kg, 46Kg, 48Kg, 50Kg, 52Kg, 54Kg, 56Kg, 59Kg, 62Kg, 65Kg, 68Kg, 72Kg


England Boxing Junior Championships – male & female All 3 x 2 minute rounds

Sunday 1 March Association Finals
Sunday 8 March Pre Quarter Finals
Sunday 15 March Quarter Finals
Saturday 21 March Semi Finals
Sunday 22 March Finals 

All boxers born in 1999 & 2000  combined
44Kg – 46Kg, 48Kg, 50Kg, 52Kg, 54Kg, 57Kg, 60Kg, 63Kg, 66Kg, 70Kg, 75Kg, 80Kg, 80+Kg (male & female weights the same)


England Boxing  Youth Championships – male & female All 3 x 3 minute rounds

Sunday 1 Feb Association Finals
Sunday 8 Feb Pre Quarter Finals
Friday 20 Feb Quarter Finals
Saturday 21 Feb Semi Finals
Sunday 22 Feb Finals 

Male boxers born in 1997 & 1998 combined    
Female boxers born in 1997 & 1998 combined    

49Kg, 52Kg, 56Kg, 60Kg, 64Kg, 69Kg, 75Kg, 81Kg, 91Kg, 91+Kg   45-48Kg, 51Kg, 54Kg, 57Kg, 60Kg, 64Kg, 69Kg, 75Kg, 81Kg, 81+Kg


England Boxing Elite Championships ( male & female )
3 x 3 minute rounds for men,
4 x 2 minute rounds for women

Sunday 5 April Association Finals Sunday
12 April Pre Quarter Finals
Friday 24 April Quarter Finals
Saturday 25 April Semi Finals
Sunday 26 April Finals 

Boxers must be aged between 18 – 40 on entry (1997 and above).
Once entered into the Elite Championships you cannot enter future development championships.

Male Weights: 49Kg, 52Kg, 56Kg, 60Kg, 64Kg, 69Kg, 75Kg, 81Kg, 91Kg, 91+Kg

Female Weights: 45-48Kg, 51Kg, 54Kg, 57Kg, 60Kg, 64Kg, 69Kg, 75Kg, 81Kg, 81+Kg
After the association round the 4 weakest boxers (as decided by Championship Sub Committee) will box off in 2 pre quarter final tournaments – 1 North and 1 South.
For the pre quarter finals the top 4 seeds (as seeded by the Championship Sub Committee) and the pre quarter final winners will go to the positions on the draw tree as follows Position 1: No. 1 Seed    Position 5: No. 3 seed Position 2: Pre quarter final winner  Position 6: Pre quarter final winner Position 3: Pre quarter final winner  Position 7: Pre quarter final winner Position 4: No. 4 Seed    Position 8: No. 2 Seed 

The pre quarter final winners will go into a draw for the quarter final positions. There should be a maximum of 40 pre quarter final bouts, 20 in the North and 20 in the South, to be boxed on 1 weekend.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

New Home of Champions - January 2015

We will be planning to make a start on work at the new gym as from the 1'st December - With a view to having the place up and running for the 1'st January 2015.  This is our aim and all the paperwork with the local authorities has been finalised.

The new gym for the "Billericay and Wickford" Amateur Boxing Club will be based in Heron Avenue, Shotgate.    The New gym will be a great place to train for all the family..!

We will be looking for volunteers to help with the refurb work, throughout December, so if you are able to help in any way, please contact Les Cooke - Details at the bottom of this page.

Also, any businesses that would like to contribute to the fittings required, will get a mention on the gym wall in the way of a plaque and will also get guest status at our next dinner show.

The new gym will, once established, will cater for all people that want to learn to box or keep fit within the structures of England Olympic Style Competitions, formerly known as the A.B.A.

We will be running classes for ALL females, taught by 2 qualified England Boxing female coaches.
We will also be running fun classes for Children from the age of 5 under the KidsBox classes.
We will have classes for veterans who want to have a "move around" in the boxing gym.
We will have circuit and boxacise style classes for those that want to be pushed harder..!
We will resume the Kids Competition Boxing Academy which will be twice a week.
We will have the new development squad sessions, run alongside the competition group.

We are talking to dancearobic teachers at present and might yet, have a box-dance session too.

There will also be a chance to grab some one-one sessions with qualified coaches - with ALL membership and entry fees going direct to the Billericay and Wickford Boxing Club.  There will be absolutely no financial gain to any individuals at all..!

The new gym will have 5 boxing / training rings and 9 qualified England Boxing Coaches, along with a large and experienced competition squad of Schoolboys, Juniors, Youths and Seniors.
We will have showers and a sauna.

We are a club dedicated to producing boxers to compete in Olympic style boxing.

Anyone within the local area, wishing to take part in white collar or professional boxing, should contact Newlands Gym ( Wickford ).  Newlands regularly have top pros train in their gym.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

NEW Boxing Gym Planning - Meeting

We are holding an open meeting on Tuesday 11th November at the Lake Meadows Gym, after training has finished at approx. 9pm.

Anyone that is able to attend please feel free to come along,  especially if you feel you will be in a position to help us with the refurbishment of the new gym.

We are hoping to get the keys and start work as from 1'st of December.

We desperately need skilled trades people to help us out, we have major refurb work to carry out, so we can open our new gym for 1st January 2015.

Please contact Les Cooke, if you feel you will be able to help.  Most work will be done in the late evenings.

Billericay Boxers in action - Saturday 8th November 2014

Billericay Boxing Club had 3 lads out last night in Attleborough, Norfolk.

Jim Head, Ollie Hood and Harry Cornwell were all matched up against some very tough and experienced opposition from the home club.

After a 2 hour car journey, All 3 lads boxed extremely well and done us all proud..!

Jim dug in and hammered out a good win, stepping up a gear when needing too. A great technical bout from both boxers.

Ollie was matched against a lad with 3 times his ring experience, a great learning bout for him prior to going into the novice championships soon.

Harry was showing everyone where he has got his nickname from recently - "H Bomb" - After giving his opponent a standing 8 count, Harry dominated all 3 rounds.

3 very good performances in an electric atmosphere, well done lads, keep up the hard work.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Billericay Boxing Club - First Bout of the Season

Amy Eastwood.
Well done to Amy today, her first taste of competition boxing after being fast tracked through the New Starters Academy recently and into the Competition Squad training group. 
A very good bout - well done to both competitors.
Amy had a skills ( no decision ) bout today and showed how far she has improved over the last few weeks with some excellent sparring with team mate Kariss. 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Billericay Boxing - Last Gym Update

We will be looking to relocate the gym before this year is out, to Shotgate, Wickford.
The plan will be to have a gym that can give our members a better environment to train in.
We will have a full size 20ft AIBA competition ring, along with a further 4 or 5 training rings.
The planning is still with the local authorities at present, however, we would hope to be ready to start the internal work as from Monday 1'st December and would hope to have the gym fully operational as from Thursday 1'st January 2015.
We would ask all parents and friends of Billericay Boxing to speak to local businesses to ask for any help that we will need with the internal work.  We will need tradespeople to help with the major work and we are sure plenty of volunteers from within the club will help with the painting etc.
We have many exciting plans for the future...
We have a team coming over to box ESSEX ABA next year from Brooklyn, NY, who will train at our gym alongside our members for a few days.
At present, all the classes that run at the Lake Meadows Gym will remain the same until next year.
6pm - 7pm -   GENERAL New Starters aged 9-14.       They will all be assessed before we move and will be graded into the NEW Academy Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 ( Development - along side the competition boxers ).
6pm - 7.30pm -   Comp Boxing Class 1
7.30pm - 9pm -   Comp Boxing Class 2.
7pm - 8.30pm - Boxing Circuits for Adults
10.30am - 12noon - Comp Boxers

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Billericay Boxing Academy - Assessment Evening

Some of the newbies from last nights assessments at the Lake Meadows Gym.
The NEW Starters classes ( academy ) is closed on Monday 27th Oct.

Then, as from Monday 3rd November - The classes will run from 6pm - 7pm all together for a few weeks - UNTIL, we move to the new gym.

When we move to the new gym, we will confirm the days and times for the new academy structure, along with our other plans

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

New Starters for Billericay Boxing Club.

Billericay Boxing Club are at present looking to relocate our gym.
ALL New starters from the Age of  9 - 14  will be able to train alongside our academy newbies from 6pm on a Monday evening until 7pm.
Anyone over 14 that would like to train, please contact Les Cooke via the email address at the bottom of this page.  We would need to know if you want to be trained to "compete" or to "get fit - no contact boxing".
The cost to train on a Monday as from Monday 3'rd November will be £5 per session, for anyone being trained to compete.
Once the gym has relocated, we will issue a new timetable for training, with some great new sessions for youngsters and adults too.
Next Monday ( 20'th Oct ) will be the last training session for the current Academy - Then the assessments will take place on WEDNESDAY 22nd Oct.
Our 6 month training plan for new starters in our academy, will resume in full once we have moved.
Everyone, that is in the Academy and NEW Starters can still train every Monday from 6pm - 7pm as from Monday 3'rd NOVEMBER.       The group session will be all run together until we have moved.