All our Coaches are trained and qualified by England Boxing, the governing body of Olympic Boxing in the UK.

All our Coaches are DBS / CRB checked - Our club also has the Sport England Club Mark Registration.

ADDRESS - The Main Event Boxing Gym, 7 Heron Avenue, Shotgate, Essex SS11 8DL

SUBSCRIPTIONS - £10 annual membership per person ( due by 2nd visit to gym).

Non Competition Training - £5 pay as you train per all sessions.

Competition Boxers - £30 per month ( in advance ) No Exceptions.

Please contact us in advance to discuss training at the gym, we sometimes have a waiting list due to demand.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Sunday 29th November - Billericay & Wickford Boxing Club

THIS Sunday - Billericay and Wickford Boxing Club, please meet at The Leigh Steps ( opposite Leigh on Sea train station ) for 10.30am.

Bring with you some good running shoes and water proof clothing.

Leave at home your excuses ..!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

NABGC Championships Semi Finals - Billericay and Wickford Boxing Club - Main Event Boxing Essex

Weekends Round Up....
Friday Night 5 Boxing in Folkestone.
Georgie Boy Buckley skills bout - done well again.
Frankie Wood boxed another undefeated boy of 2 w 2 and came away on top again, well done Frankie....
Jim Head boxed a skillful bout and away with another unanimous win, well done Jim.
Warren Ely boxed well, improving all the time and came close but will get a rematch soon.
Mike Chalkley boxed well and stepped up the gears in the last round but was very unlucky not to get the decision.

Sat morning in Leysdowne, Kent.
Rio Emmins boxed well beating another top lad from the Newham boxing club in the national Quarter finals of the NABGC, well done Rio.

Sat evening in Laindon.
ALL our lads weighed in bang on as expected.
Finleys opponent did not show up.
George's lad showed up but came in 3kg over weight.
Tyler boxed in a skills bout.
Josh boxed well and had a really good 3rd round, just being pipped on a split decision.

Sat evening in Norwich.
Joe Gonella - Another close one for Joe, stepping it up in the last round before coming close on another split decision

Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Main Event Boxing Gym is OPEN on

Sundays from 10am - 11.30am.

Parents - Please be at the gym to collect your children before 11.30

Friday, 13 November 2015

Monday, 9 November 2015

National NABGC Championships - Southern Region Finals

We had 2 box off at Harlow on Sunday.

Harry Cornwell had a close bout and was just pipped at the post with a split decision.

Joe Giles carried on with his winning streak beating a former National Champion to move into the next round.

Well done both lads.

Our club only entered 5 boxers into these championships, we now have 4 left.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Billericay & Wickford Boxing Club - Home of Champions

Joe, Jess & Rio
NABGC  Anglian Champions.
Well done the 3 boxers that we entered into the NABGC Championships today, boxing in the Anglian Finals ( Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk ) - All 3 coming away as Anglian Champions.
Joe and Rio both boxed well before winning their bouts on points, Jess had a walkover and will box in 2 weeks time in the National Quarter Final stage.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Christmas Opening Times at The Main Event Boxing Gym Essex

MON 21st Dec - AS NORMAL
TUES 22nd Dec - ALL Comp Classes 7pm - 8.30pm
WEDS 23rd Dec - CLOSED ...
SUN 27th Dec - ALL Comp Class - 10am - 12noon RUN
MON 28th Dec - CLOSED
TUES 29th Dec - ALL Comp Classes 7pm - 8.30pm
SUN 3rd Jan - ALL Comp Classes - 10am - 12noon RUN
Monday 4th Jan - Back to normal

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Grass Roots Boxing Show at The MAIN EVENT Boxing Gym 24th October 2015

Saturday 24th was the day the Billericay and Wickford Boxing Club unleashed their next crop of Newbies into the world of Boxing at their home venue The Main Event Boxing Gym, based in Shotgate, Wickford.

Making their debuts in Essex Boxing were Freddie Risby, George Buckley, Mark Johnson, Henry Head, Matthew King, Jessica Lelliot and Tim West.

ALL our boxers came in bang on weight as matched up and agreed.  Some of the opposition boxers came in either under or over the agreed weights, causing a few issues at weigh in.

George "Boy" Buckley kicked off with another confident display, in a skills bout, that helped get the crowd warmed up too.

Also on a skills bout was Mark Johnson who showed how much he has learnt from his first trip out in Norfolk last week with a very good display.

Matthew King who recently picked up an award for the best development boxer dug in well and boxed hard for 3 rounds.

Henry Head showed some raw grit and put in a good nights work, well done H.

Kenza and Freddie both came in bang on weight as expected, however, their opponents came in either under or over the agreed bout weights that caused a complication,  leaving the comp sec in a situation of either cancelling their bouts or allowing them to compete against each other.  It was agreed for the lads to compete in a skills together, and after a toss of a coin Freddie went red corner, Kenza had Blue.    Both lads were very respectful and boxed competitively without opening up too much.

The coaches will be meeting next week, to go through the performances and putting different training measures into the gym to build on individual boxers needs and development after some very good displays.

Full Competition Bouts.

Current National Champion Rio Emmins opened his account for the new season with a good points win against a very durable opponent who had been active with 3 bouts under his belt already this season, of which one was a close split decision against the current 3 nations Champion.  This was going to be a real test for Rios first bout back.  Rio as always took it in his stride and took another good win.

George Liddard had a rematch against a very well respected opponent that had won plenty of top competitons, George put in another confident display and showed why he is a National Schoolboy Finalist getting another good win.

Frankie Wood stepped up a gear and put in another good performance against a strong southpaw before getting his hand raised after another clean sheet display.

Josh Walton met the same lad that entertained the whole venue last season in a contest that was voted bout of the season.  This time, both lads boxed well again and deserved the massive applause after again.

Bobby Watson met a very tall and durable opponent on his third outing, Bobby had a big crowd and loads of support which he seemed to enjoy. Both boxers gave it their all and entertained the supporters. A learning bout that will go a long way.

Jessica Lelliot made her debut into the world of female boxing and being the 4th female to represent the club in recent years, from what is becoming a very strong female boxing team.  Jess and her opponent gained the respect of the whole gym after 3 rounds of pure grit. A great bout and very tough.  Well done Jess for all the extra hard work put in recently.

Tim West had a hard battle at the end of the night, both men throwing some huge bombs that if landed clean would of sent either flying. The support for both boxers was immense and what a great bout to finish a grass roots show.

All in all, the Billericay and Wickford Boxing Club boys and girls all put in a very good account, everyone will learn from this and training sessions arranged to develop skills to move forward.

Well done to every single boxer that climbed in the ring tonight.

Thanks to the great support and getting behind the boxers, a great atmosphere and not a hint of any unfair or bad sportsmanship.  A true grass roots boxing show giving respect for each and every boxer.

Thanks to the members of the Essex Amateur Boxing Association.

A Massive thank you to the volunteers that gave up their time to help organise and run the evening, without these volunteers there would not be any shows.

Now boxers, don't sit at home reading this, get out and put the roadwork in, ready for the next bout.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Thank You - Skyline Air Conditioning Ltd

Big shout to our sponsors for the 2015-16 season - SKYLINE Air Conditioning Services Ltd - Lovely to have a local business behind the Billericay and Wickford Boxing Club supporting the young boxers.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

This weekends results from The Billericay & Wickford Boxing Club


The Billericay & Wickford Boxing Club were out at 3 different shows this weekend with 11 of the 55 strong competition squad boxers having their first bouts of the new season.
NORWICH on Friday night.
Georgie "Boy" Buckley was the first to show off his new club kit ( photo above ) in a skills bout that started the show off.  Great moves and plenty of skill from both lads.
Freddie Risby was next up for the team and done us all proud, with some great long range tidy jabs and controlled boxing skills, another good performance from both boxers.
Mark Johnson was called up at late notice and took a skills bout against a very experienced boxer. Mark showed great skill and boxed fantastic in a learning bout that will see him well for when he is old enough to compete in full competition bouts.
James Eaglefield had a toughie, James still only on his 2nd bout was up against a far more experienced boxer, but settled in well and kept the bout close throughout. Well done James, he was back in the gym Sunday morning too.
Bobby Watson had on paper the toughest bout, Bobby on his 2nd bout was up against an experienced boxer on his 9th bout.  Both lads were on form and gave a very good display for the crowd.  Bobby pushed on and forced a standing 8 in the last round before getting the unanimous verdict too.

BRISTOL on Saturday night
Another 3 newbies making their debut 
Tyler Brown  had a skills bout with both boxers giving a good display in a well matched and controlled bout.
JohnPaul Connors had a skills bout and showed a few slick moves, again, both boxers done well.
Sophie Whiting coming from a footballing backround, as did her opponent, both made their debuts in boxing and both dug in hard from the off.  Sophie landed a few cleaner telling blows that forced an 8 count in the 2nd round, before the Ref stepped in to stop the bout. 
HASTINGS on Saturday night.
We had 3 competitive bouts in Hastings in a cracking little grass roots venue with a very vocal crowd.
Finley James came up against a little terrier knicknamed Rocky, Finley is a very technical boxer, so it made a great mixture of styles and a terrific bout to watch. Both lads will meet again next week.
George Liddard was matched against a very experienced open class boxer that has boxed at a very high level. This again was a great bout to watch for everyone. George came away with a good win.
Alfie Despy was last on for the team and dug in hard, for what was to become a very close and even matched bout, before getting another win for his record and finishing up well.
Well done to all the boxers for getting in there this weekend, and especially those focused enough to turn up for training at the gym this morning ahead of the Home Show later this week.
Thanks to the supporters for traveling the width of the country to cheer on the boxers too.
Thanks to the Coaches that gave up their time and travelled too, also all 4 were down at the gym this morning preparing the boxers for next week.




Sunday, 11 October 2015

A letter will be issued this week at the gym, just to remind boxers that have bouts matched up of their responsibilities -
One of them is to be in the gym on every "Competition" training session.
The coaches are all volunteers and give up long hours to try and insure you get out and about boxing - For those competition boxers that can't put the gym time in ( without good reason ) - You will be removed from the matching list and bouts that have been matched will be cancelled, thus saving the club coaches time and money too.