All our Coaches are trained and qualified by England Boxing, the governing body of Olympic Boxing in the UK.

All our Coaches are DBS / CRB checked - Our club also has the Sport England Club Mark Registration.

ADDRESS - The Main Event Boxing Gym, 7 Heron Avenue, Shotgate, Essex SS11 8DL

SUBSCRIPTIONS - £10 annual membership per person ( due by 2nd visit to gym).

Non Competition Training - £5 pay as you train per all sessions.

Competition Boxers - £30 per month ( in advance ) No Exceptions.

Please contact us in advance to discuss training at the gym, we sometimes have a waiting list due to demand.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The GYM will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday 31st August 2015

Sunday, 23 August 2015

NEXT Sunday ( 30th Aug ) we are planning a small "working party" at the Gym, to paint a few walls, fit a new door and entry system and finish some bits that we left so we could get the gym open after Christmas.

ANYONE that has a few hours to spare next Sunday, please pop on some old clothes and bring a paint brush. The gym will be open from 8am till we finish.

We also have a Doctor who will be sorting out medicals from 10am

Monday, 10 August 2015

Main Event Boxing Gym - Billericay & Wickford Boxing Club in Essex

Last season's tally -
Last show of the 2014-15 season
12 boxers on the NEW YORK Show
12 boxers undefeated ..!

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

SUNDAY 30th AUGUST - Medicals for NEWBIES.
Please bring to gym this week, 2 passport photos, a photo copy of a birth certificate or passport.
And also, for those that need a new medical done, please bring a passport photo this week too. Medicals need to be done annually now.
Everyone that was medicalled in January 2015, your medical is still in date and at present we will be looking to get them re done in December 2015.

Friday, 31 July 2015

COMPETITION Training - Re-starts Tuesday 4th August

COMPETITION training restarts on
Tuesday 4th August.
Class 1 - 6pm till 7.30pm
Class 2 - 7pm till 8.30pm
Class 3 - 8pm till 9.30pm

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Billericay & Wickford Boxing Club

Frankie & Finley in the medical room at The Gym

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Presentation Evening - Friday 24th July 2015

The Annual Billericay and Wickford Boxing Club "buy your Coach a beer" night - or better known as the Presentation Night is confirmed - FRIDAY 24'th July - 7pm - At the Shepherd and Dog, London Road, Crays Hill, Billericay CM11 2YA.
Please come along and show your support for the boxers, they have trained hard all year and it's always good to see them let their hair down and have a good night.

Awards will be given to the Competition Carded Boxers, Development Boxers and more.....

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Competition Training Update 2015 - 2016 Season.

NEW STARTERS and PRE COMPETITION ( Development Squad ).
As from Monday 13th July 2015, we will be bringing in the following changes to the New Starters and Development Boxing Classes.
ALL New Starters will go through the Boxing Academy, which is run on a Monday and Wednesday.
New Starters ( Kids Non Contact ).
Children from the age of 5 years to 9 years will train from 6pm until 7pm.
Development - Pre Competition Training
Children from the age of 10 years to 14 years will train from 7pm until 8pm.
Development - Pre Competition Training
Anyone over the age of 14 will train from 8pm until 9pm,  including New Senior Starters. 
Development Boxers will be assessd over a period of approx 6 months and if they reach the desired levels, they may be introduced to the Competition Groups.
Competition Classes for Carded Boxers.
As from Tuesday 4th August 2015
Competition Boxers will train on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday-No Changes to last season
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Juniors U50kg ( approx ) - 6pm - 7.30pm
Juniors / Youths 50kg + ( approx ) - 7pm - 8.30pm
Seniors 8pm - 9.30pm
All Carded Boxers 10.30am - 12noon

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Billericay & Wickford Boxing v New York 2015

Another exciting evening of top class Olympic style boxing at The Holiday Inn, Basildon, when the Billericay and Wickford Boxing Team took on some of the best fighters from Staten Island and Brooklyn, New York in one of the best boxing shows you will get see.
A massive well done to all the boxers, both home and away for putting on such a great show to entertain the public, that had filled the venue up to the rafters.
The atmosphere and support, as usual at our shows was fantastic..!
Thanks to all the kind volunteers that helped out to make this evening run smoothly throughout.
Too many to remember, but a few of them were - Fay, Corey, Kim, Trev, Carole, Terry Beck, Ryan, Rod, Claire, Wardy, Terry Emmins, The ladies and gentlemen of Essex ABA, Doctor Couell and Mr Dave Norman.  If I have missed any names, please excuse me, it's been an exhausting few days.
Thx to Lee Evans, I think he managed to see a bit of the boxing in between photos lol.  He will pop down the gym soon when we have our official open day.
Special thanks to the wonderful American team for making the event special and we look forward as a club to the return bouts when we travel to New York in 2016.
Thanks again to all the supporters, parents and friends of the club - We have something special..!
The New Yorkers and their opponents, met for the first time in the ring, before the boxing started in a very sporting presentation as both teams shook hands, exchanged gifts and stood for the National Anthems of both Countries.
The boxers came into the hall with a trumpet fanfare.
1 - Kenza Buckley, started the action, with his 3rd skills bout, Kenza is now a firm favourite with the supporters and is always a great starter. A top performance.
2 - Alfie Grove, virtually jumped off of a coach after a week away on a school trip, into a car, onto the scales and into the ring, to take part in his 3rd skills bout another great performance.
3 - Frankie Wood, stepped up into 2nd gear and showed what a great little prospect this lad is going to be in full competition bouts next season, after another very good performance.
4 - James Eaglesfield, came out firing on all guns in a skills bout that showed just how hard James has been training lately, as he kept going non stop for all 3 rounds.
5 - Josh Walton, was a contender for bout of the night with a terrific little boxer from Vange and Pitsea, both lads going for it until the final bell - Josh getting a great win under his belt too.
6 - Finley James, has got to be one of the most improved boxers in the gym this season, having a very tough opponent that never stopped piling on the pressure, with Finley boxing superb getting another win.
7 - George Liddard, had his work cut out against one of the most skilful opponents he could wish to meet, George dug in and both boys gave a great display, George getting another good win.
8 - Bobby Watson, finally got to have his first bout and against the very tough and skillful Freddie Gonzalez from the New York Team, he couldn't of found harder opponent if we tried. Both lads had the crowd on their feet, one of the most exciting bouts you will get to see all season, A very good opening win for Bobby's record.  Bobby has been in the Main Event Gym virtually every day for the last 4 weeks.  "Hard work pays off".!
9 - Joe Gonella, has got to be another contender for most improved boxer of the year, Joe has had some very hard bouts recently and this was no exception. Joe had the very tough New Yorker Henry Clare. Again, both lads gave their all and had the whole place cheering with respect. Joe got a good win.
10 - James Osborne ( Ozzy ), had his 2nd bout and showed a remarkable improvement from his first outing from a few weeks earlier. Ozzy boxed a very good lad from IMO one of the best gyms in the south of England and again, both lads had the crowd on their feet for all 3 rounds. A great 50/50 bout with Ozzy getting another win.
11 -  Harry Palmer, made his long awaited debut, after many let downs. Harry's original opponent had to pull out the night before due to illness, so we are very grateful for the stand in coming up at very short notice.  Harry boxed well and finally got off the starting blocks with a great win.
12 - Mike Chalkley, has waited months for his first bout with us, after joining from another club at the start of the season, then gets 3 bouts in a row, Mike again, boxed well and took his 3rd win on the bounce after another top class performance.
All in all 12 out of 12 for the Billericay and Wickford Boxing Club - Well done everyone, Boxers and Coaches - Hard work, and good preparation from everyone to finish the season on a high.
Other New Yorkers, that boxed were ..
Nick Santachulo boxed a lad from Chalvedon ABC, both lads boxed well,  Nick showed outstanding class and gained a good win.
Kenny Robles boxed a lad from Halstead ABC, this was possibly bout of the night, both lads gave 110% throughout all 3 rounds, a great bout for the neutrals with Kenny getting a good win.
Manny Lopez, boxed a very strong lad from the Braintree Boxing Club, another all action thriller going both ways, this would make a great rematch back in New York too.
John Duffy, boxed on the last bout of the night against a heavy hitting boxer from the Brighton City club, the crowd were very vocal for this bout and what a great bout to finish on, again we would hope to see a rematch in New York.
The support from the crowd was unreal, the American's were fantastic and a joy to have over, I am hoping we have made some very good long term friends - New York 2016 will be announced soon.!


Thursday, 25 June 2015

What a great bunch...!   
The New York Boxing Team popped into our gym this evening to meet up with our Squad of competition and non competition boxers, on the eve of the show we have put together, before we start making arrangements to travel back out to NY next year.
The lads and their supporters were made very welcome by our club members - A great vibe in the gym..!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Billericay and Wickford Competition Training Update.

Training Update for "Competition" Boxers.
After the show, this Friday ( 26th June 2015 ) - The Boxers that train in the "Competition" groups on a Tuesday and Thursday, please note for July and most of August we will be closing the Thursday nights and the Sunday mornings, for the closed season.
However, Tuesday evenings will be open for the Competition Boxers, all training from 6pm - 8pm, where we will be concentrating on technique and also, bringing through the newbies from the development squad, ready to compete as from September 2015.
All classes, will be pay as you train within this period of £5 per night. 
Anyone from the Competition group, that wants to attend the Monday and Wednesday evenings at the gym can come along for fitness training classes at the pay as you train rate of £5 per night.
NON Competition Training - Monday and Wednesday evenings at The Main Event Boxing Gym will stay as they are ..
6pm - 7pm - 5 - 12 years Boxing Training,   
7pm - 8pm Womens Boxing Training,  
8pm-9pm Mens amd Womens Boxing Training.