All our Coaches are trained and qualified by England Boxing, the governing body of Olympic Boxing in the UK.

All our Coaches are DBS / CRB checked - Our club also has the Sport England Club Mark Registration.

ADDRESS - The Main Event Boxing Gym, 7 Heron Avenue, Shotgate, Essex SS11 8DL.

CLASSES - Current training classes and times are at the bottom of this page.

Please contact us in advance to discuss training at the gym, we sometimes have a waiting list due to demand.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Friday, 22 April 2016

Ever thought about helping ???

We are looking for addition volunteer Coaches to help out at the gym, both on a Monday & Wednesday and also on the Competition nights.

If you are interested please speak to Les Cooke - 07867 305155

Friday, 4 March 2016

Billericay & Wickford Boxing Club - Stars of the Future.!

                                  Billericay & Wickford Boxing Club - Stars of the Future.!

7 of the youngest boxers from the Billericay & Wickford Boxing Academy joined the Schoolboy Competition Squad tonight for a training session to give them a taster of what to expect in a few years, when they progress to competition boxing.

The tiny tots, from ages 7-9 competed alongside the carded boys for 90 minutes and one of the Schoolboy's coaches - Mike Ward couldn't believe just how well schooled and disciplined these little'uns were. Mike also added "It's great to see the carded boys giving their time to help the younger ones - what a top bunch of kids all round".

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Jim Head - Essex and Eastern Counties Junior Cadet Champion - Billericay abd Wickford Boxing Club

Well Done Jim, Good win this Saturday in Lowestoft to take the Eastern Counties Junior Cadets Title

Monday, 22 February 2016

Billericay and Wickford Boxing Club Dinner Show Saturday 20th February 2016

The Club had 2 of their youngest boxers out early on in a skills match.

Freddie Risby was matched in a bout against Cameron Walker from the Harwich Boxing Club.  Both lads gave a good account of themselves and was a great even contest that was good for all to watch.

George Buckley was matched in a bout against a very young Lewis Spink from the mighty Canvey Boxing Club. A contrast in styles made a great little contest, giving a great display for the public.

Well done to all 4 lads, Freddie, Cameron, George and Lewis - Tidy boxers with a good future.

Chelmsford and Hastings both very kindly helped out at the last minute with a few extra skills bouts against 5 Star and Canvey, after some late notice changes in the program.
Well done to Harvey Theedom, Donnie Davis, Harvey Marshall and Lennon James.

Loiue ODoherty ( Chelmsford ) beat Jimmy Croxson ( Holland Park ) on a unanimous points win.

Jesse Lee opened the Billericay & Wickford Schoolboy bouts with a very good performance against a very resilient Tyler Downes from the Norwich City Boxing Club.  Big shout to Norwich for coming all that way with just 1 schoolboy boxer. 

Frankie Wood was up next in a bout that was always going to be close, Titon Klinsrisuk from the Gateway Boxing Gym was now unbeaten in his last 3 bouts with Frankie unbeaten in 4.
A very even bout and Frankie winning on points to take him to 5 unbeaten.

Finley James last bout was in Hastings where he had a very tough bout against Ethan Salmon. 
The rematch was on at our show and we prepared Finley the best we could with the help of some of the stronger heavier boys in the gym.  Finley done exceptionally well and come through with a very good win against the possibly the best opponent he has faced to date.

Dylan Moss from Lowerstoft came into the ring in with good fitness and pushed Bailey Gibson all the way for 3 rounds before winning on a unanimous points decision.

George Liddard was up against Toby Salmon from Hastings who agreed to take the bout with 48 hours notice, after Georges original opponent pulled out with a sickness bug. Both lads put on another cracking bout, George winning on a points decision.
Thanks to Hastings again, a top club that will never let you down.  They was my last call after trying 14 other possible opponents for George at short notice.

Bobby Watson had a great bout against a very strong and determined Shaun Varney from the Hornets Boxing Club based in Kent.  Bobby kept calm and boxed smartly and maturely as per the corners instructions and work we have been focusing on for the last 4 weeks in the gym. Bobby done well to bounce back and showed everyone what hard training in and out of the gym can do.
Shaun Varney was a credit to his club and a very good sportsman. as was his supporters.  Well done lads a great bout for everyone.

Rio Emmins was matched up against one of the top boxers in the country at 56kgs, Alfie Mehegan from the Newham Boxing Club in London.  Again this was a great bout with both lads showing just why they are 2 of the best boxers around. Rio's first bout at this weight getting a good unanimous points win.

Brad Cockett has been out of competition for some years after a break, but came back after deciding to give it another go and we were very proud of him for doing so.
Brad had a very hard bout against Attleborough's Misha Vasiljeus with both lads showing plenty of class.  Brad winning on another good points decision and picking up the Boxer of the Night award too.

Conor Ward made a comeback too and also like Brad was not matched easy, Conor had the very strong and durable Ben Evans from Lowerstoft.  Conor dug in and hammered out another good win in a very close and evenly fought contest that proved once again that roadwork is so important if you want to box at a high level.

Well done to all the boxers from all clubs that competed, they are the true heros. It takes a lot of courage to step between the ropes.

Thanks to all the clubs that attended.

Massive thank you to all the helpers, far too many to remember and name them all, from the youngest little Bobby helping with gloves, James looking after all the Juniors in the Captains roll, Kim at the door, Fay doing loads of jobs, Terry Beck and Former English and European Champion Colin Lynes for presenting trophies, Wardy, Claire, Joe G, Terry E, Ryan, Little Alfie, Kian, Jessica.

Thanks to all the Coaches, all volunteers too that do a great job week in week out.

Thanks to Skyline Air Conditioning for the sponsorship of the trophies and the club.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Very proud to see Paul Iles name put up at our gym this evening.

The parents area is almost finished at The Main Event Boxing Gym, after plenty of good people have donated their time and money to get this room made comfortable for parents and friends to sit and watch their children learn to box.

This room is dedicated to a very good friend of our boxing club, gone but never forgotten - Always a part of our gym

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Thank You - Skyline Air Conditioning Services Limited

Massive thank you to Skyline Air Conditioning Services Limited, they have kindly started the installation of the much needed heating at our Amateur Boxing Gym - There are still plenty of good people in business these days that help out the community.!
Thanks from everyone at The Billericay & Wickford Boxing Club.

Friday, 15 January 2016

This Sunday at The MAIN EVENT Boxing Gym

This Sunday at The Main Event Boxing Gym,  all boxers to bring their running shoes - We will have a 5KM race.

1st one back will win a pair of Main Event Patriot Gloves worth £80..!

Bring your phones and apps with mapmyrun on them.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Medicals at the Main Event Boxing Gym this Sunday

The Doctor wants all boxers at the Gym ( that need to be medicalled ) at 12 noon.

Please bring a water sample and £20 that you give direct to the Doctor.

Training is still on as normal from 10am Sunday


Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Tickets for our Dinner Show go on sale next Monday. Our Dinner Shows are always one of the best shows in the boxing calendar, so don't miss out.
Please show your support for the Boxers and the Club, by reserving your seats / tables as soon as possible.  
We will only be having 10 tables at this show and sales will be done on a strict first come, first served basis.

Thursday, 31 December 2015

1 Year ago, our club invested every penny we had ( and more ) into our new gym facilities, for a better future for the kids and young adults within our boxing community.

A massive thank you to everyone that helped with the project and to the coaches for their time and commitment throughout the year, they are all volunteers and as every amateur boxing club coach knows far too well, time spent at the gym and travelling to shows is a huge commitment and has an effect on family... life, so thanks everyone, especially the boxing widows left at home.

Thank you to the parents and volunteers that help keep the club on the right track.

Most of all, thanks and well done to the boxers and everyone that trains at The Main Event Boxing Gym,  keep up the good work.

Thats the only thanks, the boxers will get, so time to get off your lazy butts and get out on the road running     Next year is gunna be big..!

3 Nations Show, trip to New York, trip to Lithuania and also Poland..!